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    The company culture life

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            Star light technology co., LTD., long-term adhere to the people-oriented enterprise concept, has been carried out all kinds of rich and colorful style entertainment, let employees feel the love and warmth of the enterprise, employee participation in participation and realized the joy, the power of the collective sense of responsibility, team spirit, master, but also enriched the knowledge, edify sentiment, in the eastern part of the group last November after oct trip, my company also organized a "New Year's day with" a worker man basketball match, Spring Festival gala, men's and women's table tennis competition "dragon cup" worker, every month hold a birthday party for birthday staff activities on a regular basis. The company will invest three million yuan, in October a officially started in the future, in the factory created a fourth floor recreation center, will set the karaoke bars, Internet cafes, table tennis hall, reading room, such as project, will greatly enrich employees' spare life.